Is Dating a Short Guy Bad or Good Idea?

Is Dating a Short Guy Bad or Good Idea

Our generation is more accepting than any previous one when it comes to advanced dating methods.

Despite this, there's still one apparent and, in retrospect, antiquated dating stereotype that persists: short men.

It's so widespread that men's dating profiles often include a statement of height, and the stereotype has even become a standard joke among some.

Short is a relative term, and there's nothing wrong with dating a person who appears to be a few inches shorter than you.

If you spend a lot of time thinking about "what will people say," believe me when I say that people will always say stuff. Height or even age is just a number as it is commonly said.

Should You Date Shorter Man Than You?

Aside from social embarrassment, dating a shorter guy has little or no challenges.

If he is well-established, attractive, and has a nice heart, dating him is a no-brainer.

When it comes to dating a shorter guy, you're the biggest roadblock. Nothing can persuade you how good it can be if you don't like the idea of being seen with a man who is a few inches shorter.

11 Reasons to Date a Short Guy

Here are a few amazing reasons to date a short guy.

1. Accepting Nature

They're more accepting of people of different ages.

Short men like to approach women who are either older or younger than themselves.

This could be due to society's assumption that short men are immature and their personal desire to disprove it. Being in a relationship with an older lady and being the older guy may encourage them to do so.

2. They are Less Likely to Divorce

According to the study, shorter men are less likely to marry, with an 18% lower marriage rate than taller men. This lower percentage could be attributed to women perceiving short men as less macho or desirable.

However, small men who marry have a divorce rate of 32% lower than men of other height categories. When they do commit, they are more likely to follow through.

3. You'll Get Access to a Larger Dating Pool

Given the large number of guys who fall short of the optimum height, thinking about shorter men as potential partners enhance your chances of meeting the "perfect man."

Looking at the numbers, it's evident that just 14% of males fulfil the "ideal" height criteria - meaning that 86% of men never reach the 5'7′′ level – and that they, too, should be given an equal chance to demonstrate why they would make an excellent (possible) mate.

4. He's Confident

If your partner is shorter than you, he is most likely a higher achiever than any other man on the planet. He is uninterested in what others have to say, and even if he does listen, he will not allow anyone to upset his ego.

He's proud of you, and being your boyfriend means bragging rights are a given. If his height doesn't matter to him, it shouldn't matter to you either.

If you are lacking confidence of being a short man or woman, then are some tips for you.

5. You'll Look Taller

Most women prefer to look taller than they are, and when they're with a shorter guy, they may do so without exerting any further effort!

The best part about walking next to him in heels is that you'll feel like a supermodel.

6. Kissing is a Less Embarrassing Experience

You'll never have to go through the uncomfortable staged moment of figuring out how to kiss your incredibly tall partner again.

You can't truly relish the kiss if you're focused on getting the position correct, especially if you're on your tippy-toes and he's hunched down at a weird angle.

When you date a guy who is about your height, a kiss can be as simple as a kiss - no need for steps or a ladder.

7. It's Easier to Get Close to Him

If you've ever been with a tall guy, you know how strange and unpleasant spontaneous make-out sessions can be.

It's a lot more fun to cuddle with a small guy, and it'll be a lot more fun to try out other sexual positions.

This is because your bodies are more in sync, having sex with a small guy is easier than having sex with a tall guy who needs to try various positions before discovering one that is suitable for both of you.

8. He's More Self-assured and Less Awkward

Tall people draw a lot of attention, not because they're exceptionally attractive, but because they appear to be uncomfortable.

Because they avoid stooping all of the time, short men have better posture.

9. Legroom Doesn't Have to Be a Battleground

Going to crowded restaurants and pubs with a tall person can be difficult, especially if your partner kicks you beneath the table while looking for extra legroom.

With a short boyfriend, you won't have to worry about finding extra legroom.

10. They Invest More in the Relationship

Shorter men, according to research, work/ much harder to impress their lovers in terms of personality – and you'll never have to quarrel about his lack of assistance with housework-sharing because they invest more time in housekeeping than their "taller" counterparts.

In fact, shorter men were 32% less likely to divorce than taller men. What more could you ask for?

11. According to a Study, Shorter Men are Better

Short guys outperform their taller counterparts in various areas, according to studies on relationships. Shorter males are more likely to help with domestic duties. They are more financially responsible. They are more committed to their relationships and understand how to make them work. Thus only a tiny fraction of them end up divorcing.

Dating a Short Guy: Some Advice

Here are some dating advice for short men:

Start at the Beginning

Try ignoring dating websites' height requirements. If you're having a wonderful conversation, a few inches shorter won't hurt.

Make him feel at ease by being comfy.

It would be a deal-breaker to wear high heels on the first date. On the other hand, shorter guys can be confident, and confident men don't object if you wear /heels.

Consider your Insecurities

If you think being with a taller person will make you feel safer due to his stature, you should reconsider.

Height is Merely a Measurement

Look for the positive aspects in him. His charisma, intelligence, and compassion would more than makeup for his short stature in the long term.

Have Faith in Yourself

It is difficult, but not impossible, to break the stereotype. Getting over your concerns as a modern woman will only represent you as an open-minded woman.

Wrapping it Up

Date the guy who makes you laugh, who shares your interests, and who will always be there for you, regardless of whether you have to lean down to kiss him. You won't care if you've fallen in love.

When it comes to dating, the physical appearance of a person should be the last consideration.