Girlfriend Says She Needs Space: What Does it Mean

Girlfriend Says She Needs Space

You might be madly in love with your GF, but when your girlfriend says she needs space, what does that even mean? So, what are your options?

Everything seemed to be going smoothly in your head, or perhaps you're going through a hard stretch when she suddenly declares she needs space! Yikes! "What just happened?" is your first reaction.

You went from feeling comfortable and calm with your girlfriend to that dreadful feeling of panic that comes with knowing you're about to lose something very precious to you.

Why does my Girlfriend Wants Space?

If you are thinking about "why she says she needs time how long should I wait" then here are a few reasons.

She Needs Some Space

This may sound absurd, but things aren't always as complicated as they appear. She could be dealing with various things at home, at college, or at the workplace. Spending the trouble to see you is too much for her at this moment. She needs time to heal since things are tired and flustered.

Or maybe she's going through a difficult time in her life, and being with you now makes things much more difficult for her.

She's Tired of Seeing you All the Time

She sees you frequently. Yes, she enjoys spending time with you, but she's bored of your company right now.

It may be a result of a construct of emotions, or she could be annoyed by anything you did. Whenever a girl says she needs space, she usually means she just wants to spend a couple of days at home in her sweat pants without seeing your face.

She's Bored

If your woman tells you that she wants some distance or time to discover herself, it's likely that she's tired of the way the partnership makes her feel.

She Misses Her Old Life

This doesn't necessarily mean your girl is fed up with you or unhappy; it just means she wants some freedom. She requires the same time as you do to hang out with the guys.

Maybe she genuinely cares about you, but she's fed up with the situation and chooses to put you on notice. You might ignore the signs of her dissatisfaction.

So, if she's worth it, you'd better make some adjustments and get on the same page, or separation is looming.

Things aren't Changing

Perhaps she's requested you to clean the house a thousand times, and you've never responded. She's fed up with you not adjusting your ways. As a result, she's requesting some breathing room. She appears to be doing everything she can to avoid breaking up with you, but you aren't giving her much choice.

She's Struggling to Talk to You

Perhaps she expects you to fight for her or put up more effort than you are.

Girls aren't always willing to read. When a female claims she wants space, she may be dealing with a severe problem.

She's becoming tired of being around you and not being able to tell you what's going on.

Ending the Relationship

This tactic is occasionally used by women who don't want to go through the anguish of seeing you hook up with another woman before she meets a new boyfriend. Besides this, there are few more signs you need to understand when to give up on a relationship.

You Both Need to Grow as People

Partners fall in love too quickly and appear to be joined at the hip in many situations.

While having a close connection is lovely, you are still an independent person with your preferences, interests, and career goals.

You both need time to follow your dreams, mature as individuals, and have fun.

A girlfriend may request distance if she is feeling crushed or smothered by the relationship. She may begin to feel frustrated if it appears like the relationship is the only thing that counts in her life.

She has goals and priorities, and while she enjoys being with you, she may require some space in order to pursue some of her own interests and passions.

There has to be a balance between your work, college, friends, and relationship.

If something is not going in the right direction, your better half may find herself needing the time and space to set reasonable goals.

Can You Give Your Girlfriend Space Without Fully Losing Her?


The most significant thing for you to do now is figuring out how you will make her appreciate and like you the next time you engage with her.

If she approaches you after some time apart and realises that you still don't know how to be the sort of guy she requires, she will prefer to continue separated.

You must focus on correcting your issues (e.g. insecurities, clinging behaviour, etc.) and developing yourself while allowing her space (e.g. becoming more of an alpha male).

What To Do When Girlfriend Says She Needs Space?

The next stage is to respect her wishes. If she tells you not to contact her at all, don't. You'll come out as clingy or desperate if you attempt to reach out to her too often.

This type of behaviour would just drive her far from you since she already needed a break.

Don't "accidentally" run into her at the supermarket or pass her house while driving. Give her the privacy she requires for the time she needs.

Meanwhile, avoid spending too much time on the internet because it will make it more challenging to resist contacting her. Keep busy, get out with your pals, and follow her requests.

Remain Loyal

You're mistaken if you believe this is the time to hook up with random girls. Whenever a girl asks for space, keep in mind that her request does not imply that you are on vacation.

You and your partner are still together. Unless she's explicitly stated that the relationship is over, you're still theoretically together.

Final Words

Finally, becoming a high-quality man who adds value to her life is the best method to win her back for good.

You're well on your journey to a pleasant and harmonious relationship with your lady if you're providing sufficient value and setting adequate limits.

Your lady if you're providing sufficient value and setting adequate limits.