Does Height Affect Dating?

Does Height Affect Dating

What are the requirements for a lover when you're looking for one?

Maybe you're looking for someone educated and witty to take to dinner with your parents or to a party with your pals.

But, when it comes to dating, does height really matter?

According to a study on women and men's height preferences, women are most delighted when their boyfriend is 8 inches (21cm) taller. When men are 3 inches (8cm) taller than their partners, they are the happiest. If you are looking for a taller date mate then get start with our tall dating service.

According to another study, 13.5 per cent of males want to date only women who are shorter than them. On the other hand, women preferred to date only males who were taller than them (48.9%).

The importance of height in dating appears to be hereditary, with some effect from changing societal conventions.

In its most basic form, women's desire for a taller male partner stems from a desire to feel safe and secure (which is no longer the case).

According to a relationship expert, assessing someone based on their looks is highly superficial, but considering the limitation of knowledge provided on dating apps, individuals tend to place a lot of emphasis on their matches' heights.

Why Do Women Express a Desire for Tall Men?

Women's dating profiles are loaded with phrases like "5'11" in three-inch heels- please be taller," "Swipe left if under 6 feet," and the more uncommon "I really like small guys." Every girl appears to have a preferred height.

According to a study on human mate choice, the shortest male a woman would consider to date is 5 feet 9 inches tall on average. And a man would love to date a woman who is taller than 5 feet 1 inch.

According to the same poll, 23 per cent of men and 4% of women would accept a partnership in which the woman was taller.

Additional Fact Checks

According to a global poll performed by, which included 5000 males and 5000 females aged 21 to 50, the majority number of females believe that height does not play a significant role in dating.

Other intriguing findings from the study include:

  • Eighty-two per cent of women indicated they would date a man of the same height as them.
  • Sixty-eight per cent of women think shorter guys are attractive.
  • 61% of women believe that 5'8" is the ideal height for a man.
  • 40% of women like guys who are taller than 6ft.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Cambridge discovered that the length of a woman's legs significantly impacted her attractiveness.

If you're short, don't let your stature hold you back. Using your height as a scapegoat for your self-perceived unattractiveness is a cop-out and, to be honest, incredibly self-defeating.

There are two forms of height: actual height and perceived height.

Actual height is determined by a person's medical records, whereas perceived height is determined by how tall they are regarded to be in the thoughts and memory of others who meet them.

You probably know a guy who is actually of standard height but who is looked up to because of his charisma, body posture, and social engagement, all of which make him appear more extensive than he is.

The contrary is also true: someone who is quiet and withdraws to a corner of a party is recalled as being smaller in the thoughts of others who witnessed them. Insecurities about your height and self-esteem will be felt and accorded the attention you give them.

So, rather than burying the "problem" of being 5'4", flaunt it and be proud of it. When you own who you are, you become larger than life, which means your height becomes less important and the qualities that genuinely matter, such as your sense of humour, charm, and manners, shine through more. You may not be in control of your height, but you are in complete control of how it affects your dating life.

Wrapping Up!!

The importance of self-confidence in relationships cannot be overstated. Because people associate height with prestige, it's easier to feel inferior to a taller female spouse rather than equal.

This is a question of self-assurance and self-awareness.

Knowing and accepting who you are, as well as admitting the height difference, reduces the psychological burden on both you and your partner.